KZ-II Tissue homogenize, Servicebio , China

KZ-II Tissue homogenizer

Cat. No. KZ-II          Brand:Servicebio

Price:250,000 B


Product advantages:

1. Large sample quantity: 24 samples can be ground within one minute.

2. No cross-contamination: Samples are placed in different tubes that are fully closed during the grinding process, avoiding cross-contamination between samples.

3. Easy operation: Grinding time and frequency can be easily set at any time during the operation process.

4. Greater safety: The machine is running with a protective cover and can be stopped at any time by the emergency button.

5. Reproducible result: Under the same grinding condition, the same batch of samples has the same grinding results.

6. No sample transfer: After grinding, the samples can be directly centrifuged without transferring to new tubes.