PurePrep 96, MolGen, Netherlands

PurePrep 96

The PurePrep 96 is an automated bench top system for DNA and RNA purification by using the magnetic separation technology and can be used for different matrices. The system uses magnetic rods to transfer magnetic beads through the various purification phases of binding, mixing, washing and elution. The PurePrep 96 is used in combination with our PurePrep kits.


  • High throughput possible – process up to 96 samples in working volume of 1 ml simultaneously
  • Extract from different matrices: blood, cultured cells or bacteria, tissues, cell-free body fluids and plant samples
  • Open and multiple functions design to provide more methods for reagent optimization
  • Very simple operation (easy to install, operate, maintain) without computer uses 7 inch touch screen
  • Accurate temperature control system
  • Very fast extraction protocol, 15~40 minutes / cycle depending on sample type and method
  • No cross-contamination.
  • Small footprint

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