StrainSEEK® Cannabis Strain Identification and Registration, Medicinal Genomics, USA


StrainSEEK 3.2 Megabase
We have designed our 3.2 Mb panel to include loci from the other public cannabis genome datasets (Phylos, Lynch, Sawler), giving you the ability to compare your sequence data to any public cannabis genetics. The panel also covers multiple cannabinoid and terpene synthase genes, which can help breeders and cultivators identify genetic markers for desirable traits. Your report will show your strain’s closest relative from our database and provide a genetic distance value. Raw genetic data files are downloadable for further analysis.

StrainSEEK Whole Genome
Whole Genome sequencing maximize’s a breeder’s ability to show a strains uniqueness by providing a full DNA sequence of areas of that strain’s genome that have yet to be characterized. Reports on Kannapedia are currently similar to the smaller panel, but at about 800 Mb there is substantially more downloadable data. We will develop WGS specific features of the report and incorporate any new findings on gene mutations as they become available.

Blockchain submission included
StrainSEEK’s blockchain documentation can be used to protect strains from corporations that may file genetic patents and competitors who may claim to have your strain. We do this by publishing your strain’s unique genetic ID to a disaster-proof web database to establish a timestamped ownership record.