Biomagnetic Separation, Bioclone , USA

Biomagnetic Separation – – – –
A Powerful Research Tool for Life Science

Biomagnetic separation techniques have attracted a great deal of
interest in a wide range of applications in biosciences. The techniques
have the advantages for quick, simple and flexible handling of either
large or micro liter scale  biological samples without the need for
laborious repeat of pipetting and centrifuging.

BcMag™ Magnetic Beads are uniform, mono-dispersed, spherical, core−shell
superparamagnetic beads which consist of a nanometer-scale superparamagnetic
iron oxide core completely encapsulated by a high purity silica shell. Silica provides an
excellent chromatography separation medium for purification of target molecules
thanks to its superior mechanical and chemical stability.

• Affinity  Beads: Can be used to conjugate almost all function groups
• Reversed-Phase Beads: C4, C8, C18
• Ion-Exchange Beads: WAX, SAX, WCX, SCX
• Immunoprecipitation  & Antibody Purification: Protein A, Protein G, Protein A/G, Protein L
• DNA/RNA Conjugation & Purification: Genomic DNA, cDNA, RNA
• Quick Heteroduplex DNA Finder
• Biotin-related: Streptavidin, monoavidin
• Recombinant Protein  Purification
• Endotoxin Removal.
• Protemics; HSA, IgG….Removal

The number of recombinant proteins used for academic research and therapeutic applications has increased dramatically.
However, successful recombinant protein expression depends on so many factors such as codon preference, RNA secondary
structure, GC content in heterologous expression systems.  More and more experimental results proved that the expression
level was dramatically increased, from two to one hundred times depending on different genes, when compared with pre-
optimization.  Bioclone has developed a unique cDNA (cloned in E.coli expression Vector, Fig.1) and recombinant protein
(Produced in E.coli Yeast).  Bioclone provides ready-to-use and customer-based service for all the cDNA clones
and recombinant proteins.

Those cDNA clones and recombinant proteins include:
Infection disease antigens (Virus, Bacterial, Parasites),  Nuclear Protein,  Cytokines,  Kinase, G-protein, Receptor,
Phosphatase, Protease,  Signal Transduction,  Apoptosis, Stem Cell and Development, Extracellular Matrix,
Neuroscience, Toxicology, Drug  metabollism, Common Disease, Transcription factors and Cancer.

Reversed-Phase Magnetic Beads

  • BcMag™ Reversed-Phase magnetic beads
    are uniform, silica-based superparamagnetic
    beads coated with high density hydrophobic
    groups on the surface.  The beads are
    specifically designed, tested and quality
    controlled for quickly purifying, desalting and
    concentrating femtomolar to picomolar scale
    of peptides or proteins from biological fluids
    and other aqueous samples, manually or
    automatically without the need for laborious
    repeat of pipetting and centrifuging. Figure 1
    is a Typical MALDI-TOF MS spectra (1-10 kDa)
    of LMW serum fraction processed on 1um
    C18 magnetic beads. (Courtesy of Dr.
    Radoslav (Rado) Goldman, Georgetown
    University Medical Center )
  • Monoavidin Magnetic Beads
  • Features and Advantages:
      • Eluted by mild elution (2mM   biotin)
      • High throughput procedure; eliminates columns or filters, or laborious repeat of pipetting or centrifugation
  • High binding capacity and elute bound biotinylated molecules in  mild condition
  • Purifies biotinylated products under mild elution conditions
  • Exhibits little nonspecific binding

Quick Endotoxin Removal

  • Features and Advantages:

    • Quick, easy and one-step high-
      throughput procedure (Fig.1)
    • Protein/DNA recovery can reach ~95%
    • Broader working pH range (pH4 -10)
    • No sample dilution
    • Scalable – easily adjusts for sample
      size and automation (µl ~Liter)
    • High binding capacity: 10,000 E.U./ml
    • Beads can be reused at least 5 times.
  • Quick DNA Mutation FinderAdvantages:

    • Quick, Easy and one-step high-
      throughput procedure; eliminates
      columns or filters, or laborious repeat
      of pipetting or centrifugation (Fig.1)
    • Identify DNA mutations,deletion, and
      insertion  in high efficient, one-step
    • Scalable – easily adjusts for sample
      size and automation
    • Reproducible results

Quick Peptide conjugation & Antibody Purification

EcoMag™ Quick Peptide Conjugation Kit  is specifically designed for quick and efficient
conjugation of peptides to Long-arm Iodoaetyl-activated magnetic particles for  antibody
purification from serum of various animal species .

Features and Advantages

Peptide Conjugation:

  • Covalently  and specifically couples with cysteine residues
  • Water-insoluble ligands  can be conjugated in coupling buffer containing final
    concentration of 10-30% acetonitrile, or dimethylformamide (DMF), or
    dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), or of  6 M Guanidine•HCl.
  • Stable covalent bond with minimal ligand leakage
  • Produces reusable immunoaffinity matrices
  • Low nonspecific binding
  • Immobilize 1-1.5 mg peptide/ml beads

Antibody Purification:

  • 15-20 minutes protocol
  • Quick, easy-to-use, and one-step procedure; eliminates columns or filters, or
    laborious repeat of pipetting or centrifugation,
  • Low nonspecific binding: Purity >~ 90%
  • Suitable for antibody purification from various animal species
  • No pre-filtration of sample High degree of purity: > ~ 90%
  • High biding capacity: >2mg antibody/ml
  • Low cost

Quick DNA/RNA Purification

DNA Purification

Features and Advantages:

  • Quick, Easy and one-step high-throughput procedure; eliminates columns or filters,or   laborious repeat of pipetting or  centrifugation
  • No need for toxic phenol/chloroform.
  • No need for ethanol in Wash buffer to avoid possible residual ethanol in Elution
  • Ultra-pure DNA ready for PCR, restriction digestion and other downstream DNA

RNA Purification

Features and Advantages

  • Quick, Easy and one-step high-throughput procedure; eliminates columns or filters,
    or laborious repeat of pipetting or centrifugation
  • No need for toxic phenol/chloroform
  • Ultra-pure RNA ready for all downstream RNA applications
  • Low cost