Microplate Heat Seals, Vitl Life Science Solutions, UK

Microplate Heat Seals

Our comprehensive range of microplate sealing foils and PCR films have been designed for sealing a variety of plate formats, including PCR plates and microplates; providing optimum protection against sample loss through evaporation. Our PCR films provide you with a tight seal, making them ideal for long-term sample storage. For best results, use our heat seals in conjunction with the VTS and MicroTS heat sealers.A simple, yet effective feature of our heat-sealing foils and films is the unique ‘this way up’ marking; helping you to identify the correct orientation of the foil or film and avoid damaging your sealer. This makes them virtually fool-proof, even when you’re working under pressure.Foils and PCR film features:

  • All heat seals are supplied in packs of 100
  • All seals measure 125mm X 80mm*
  • Vitl heat-sealing alluminium foils have different coloured tags to show their specification
  • Designed to fit all standard PCR and qPCR plates, microplates, assay and deep-well storage plates
  • Custom foil or film reels for automated heat sealers are available on request
  • Range of foils and films available including optically clear, peelable, pierceable and DMSO resistant
  • All heat seals feature ‘this side up’ to avoid incorrect sealing

Microplate heat sealing applications:

  • Long-term sample storage
  • Sample archiving
  • PCR and qPCR

Discover how to use our Microplate Heat Seals in the following video:


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