SpinVessel® for 4 – 50ml Conical Bottom Vessels

VP 418SV1-4-50CB


SpinVessel® System for 4 – 50ml centrifuge tubes, direct drive with stepper motors, made of aluminum with Cerakote, digital touch screen controller, 100/240 Volts, 50-60 Hz, CE compliant, includes VP 830SV-50-25

A customer at a large pharmaceutical company took the above photos of chromatography resin at 100x under microscope. To suspend the resin in a 50ml tube with a standard magnetic stir bar, it was necessary to stir at 700rpms on a stir plate. You can see that the resin bead morphology is degraded at 15min and pulverized at 1.5hrs. The bottom 4 photos illustrate the morphology over time using the SpinVessel® tubes. You can see that after 3 hours, the integrity of the resin is maintained. The SpinVessel® offers homogenous mixing while maintaining the integrity of your particulates such as resin, agarose beads, cells, or any other particulate.



Tech Notes

 357 VP 418SV1-4-50C SpinVessel Operation