Swab Test

  • The instruments and materials necessary for the swab test, like as a container, dilution water and swab stick, are sterilized and ALL-IN-ONE.
    The swab sample solution is ready by returning the swab stick after swabbed to the container. Amount of note of sample solution can be done to a plate and a medium without the pipette because Scale has adhered.


  • The cotton bud and the sterilization dilution liquid for wiping off were sealed up, and the kit of a disposable type.
  • The rigidity reinforced cotton axis of φ4mm can firmly wipe the inspection part off.
  • The pouring function has adhered(Patented), and it has the following each function.

Application example

Quantitative test

  • Because ST-25 can inject the sample solution into a plate and a direct medium, the pipet is unnecessary.
  • One drop is about 50 micro liter.
  • The cost can be saved.
  • Dangerous exclusion of the contamination

Qualitative test

  • Open the top lid from the cap of the SWAB TEST, then inject it with Pro・media ST-SSP.
  • ST-25 that the medium enters is cultured for 24 hours by 35~37 degree.
  • In the coliform group in a red color from purple, E.coli is blue .

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