NIPPON GENE manufactures Research tools, human IVDs, and non-human IVDs. NIPPON GENE was established in 1982 as the first biotechnology venture in Japan. “ NIPPON GENE ” was named by Dr. Frank Young (the former commissioner of FDA), who was the boss of Yuko Yoneda in the University of Rochester.

Research tools, human IVDs, and non-human IVDs

  • NIPPON GENE provides restriction enzymes, modifying enzymes, plasmid, primers and probes, agarose, buffers, reagents for LAMP and PCR, and kits to researchers.
  • NIPPON GENE manufactures pregnancy tests and ovulation tests as human diagnostics using monoclonal antibodies with flow through/lateral flow device.
  • NIPPON GENE provides plant disease diagnostic kits, allergen detection kits, agrichemical detection kit, antibiotics detection kits, and GMO detection reagents, which are based on LAMP, PCR, and immuno-chromatography.

NIPPON GENE commits to contribute to health of human, amimals, plants, and earth (environment) by providing useful products with confidence and reliability.

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