ASF Fast POCT Kit, Ahram Biosystems, Korea

Sample to Result within 40 min

  • Ultra-Fast & Highly Sensitive
  • Direct Prep without DNA Extraction
  • Simple to Use & Fully Portable

“Total Solution for On-Site Diagnosis of ASF”


  • Palm PCR™ ASFV Direct Prep Kit for ultra-fast ≤ 15 min direct preparation of ASFV DNA from plasma and serum samples of suspected pigs
  • Palm PCR™ ASFV Direct Prep Kit for ultra-fast ≤ 25 min PCR and real-time detection

Fully-Mobile Equipment

  • Palm PCR™ S1/S1e Ultra-fast Mobile Real-time PCR System for ultra-fast ≤ 25 min hot-start real-time PCR using Palm PCR™ ASFV Fast PCR Kit
  • Ahram™ RX1 Portable Centrifuge for on-site preparation of blood samples and real-time PCR mix

The sensitivity of the ASF Fast POCT System

Fast POCT diagnosis of ASF using the Direct Prep method can deliver accurate results in short turnaround time (within 40 min) with very high sensitivity that is equivalent to typical DNA extraction methods.

The sensitivity of the Direct Prep method is tested using the URL-ASF reference sample (ASFV positive serum) obtained from the European Union Reference Laboratory for ASF (EURL-ASF), CISA-INIA, Spain. The URL-ASF reference sample was serially diluted with an ASFV negative serum and each diluted serum sample was processed with Palm PCR™ ASFV Direct Prep Kit. The processed sample was tested using Palm PCR™ ASF Fast POCT Kit on Palm PCR™ S1/S1e device.



Shown on the top are results of the ASF Fast POCT diagnosis using the Direct Prep method. As shown, the ASF Fast POCT diagnosis successfully detects ASFV DNA at 1/10,000 dilution with 100% hit rate, and at 1/100,000 dilution (about 2.5 copies/reaction) with about 70% hit rate. Serial dilutions with an ASFV negative plasma also delivered identical results (data not shown).


Data Sheet [PDF]