COVID-19 RNA Purification [ High-throughput solution ]

Canterbury Health Laboratories together with members of the BOMB team have successfully trialled open source magnetic-bead purification of COVID-19 RNA from nasal/throat swabs of confirmed carriers. The method is based on established BOMB protocols using carboxylate-coated beads, with some minor modifications to suit collection of viral swabs and RNA purification from them.
This COVID-19 protocol is now available on

You can find it on the protocol page listed under
Or by clicking on this link which will take you directly to the protocol PDF.

Others world-wide are also working on similar BOMB-related ideas/protocols and are posting them on our website. To facilitate further community engagement, we have created a section of the Forum for COVID-19 – please ask questions about this and other protocols, give feedback and post your results from using it.


A big thank you to everyone who is able to help during these unprecedented times. Thank you to the scientist, the health workers but also to the people who help by staying home and keeping their distance. We are in this together!