Flick and Blot Magnetic Separation Plate for 96 Well, V&P SCIENTIFIC, USA

Flick and Blot Magnetic Separation Plate for 96 Well (U or V Bottom) Microplates or 96 PCR plates, 24 Magnetic (52 MGO) Cylinders, White Polycarbonate Frame, With New Clips, Pellet Position Higher



  • Magnetic Bead Separation Block, handheld, for 96 well PCR microplates (full, half skirt) and 96 well microplates (flat, U-, V-bottom wells), 24 round post 52 MGO NdFeB magnets, white polycarbonate magnet frame, polypropylene base with gripper and adjustable microplate clips.


Additional Info

Mode of Use Flick and Blot
Format 96
Container To Be Used Microplates
Well Bottom Shape Pyramid Bottom, Round Bottom, V-Bottom
Plate Type Standard Well
Materials – Attributes Frame – Polycarbonate, Handheld Base – Polypropylene, Plate – Zinc Coated Steel
Number of Magnets 24 Cylinders
MGO – Attribute 52
Magnet Type – Attribute Neodymium (NdFeB)
Includes Registration Base Yes. Hand-Held Base
SLAS Dimensions No.
Bead Pellet Location 4 Corners/Sides, Bottom
Magnetic Orientation Axial, North Poles Up
Robot Gripper Access No.



Tech Notes