MagTec ViroNA, Nano Magnetic beads for DNA/RNA Extraction, BIOENTIST, THAILAND


MagTec™ ViroNA™ is Superparamagnetic Silica Nano particles which designed especially for viral nucleic acid and total RNA purification. These nanoparticles have a core-shell, structure of magnetic-rich core and inorganic silica shell, with large numbers of silanol groups on the surface. They are available as aqueous suspensions and are important in the applications like HBV/HCV/HIV detection. By mixing MagTec™ ViroNA™ bead with a chaotropic and antichaotropic substance, viral DNA/RNA can be rapidly isolated from materials, such as serum and plasma, without centrifugation and organic extraction steps. This product enables laboratories to automatically and safely process tens of thousands of samples per day.


  • Product :                                 MagTec™ ViroNA™ bead
  • Solid Content :                      25 mg/ml
  • Size :                                       Around 300 nm
  • Core :                                      Magnetite
  • Matrix :                                   Silica
  • Functional Group :               Silica,-Si-OH
  • Type of Magnetization :      Superparamagnetic
  • Expiry Date :                          2 years (2-10℃)

Note: Hydrodynamic diameter detected by Malvern Nano- S Usage

1. Excellent performance in viral DNA/RNA isolation and purification.
2. Good resuspension and dispersity abilities, and increased binding efficiency.
3. Reliable and stable application as well as excellent reproducibility.
4. Easy handling and shortened assay development time.


1. Binding capacity: 4-12ug genomic DNA per mg per 200 ul whole blood.
2. Sensitivity: HBV<6.25 copies/ml and HCV/HIV <250 copies /ml.
3. The amount of BioEntist MagTec  Virus is recommended to be 1 mg for one test.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.