Ready-made dry medium for food microbiology testing / Medi・Ca, ELMAX, JAPAN

Ready-made dry medium for food microbiology testing / Medi・Ca

  • MediCa is a microbiological culture device made up of a waterproof sheet, a ready-made dry medium on the sheet and a transparent cover over the medium.


  • Simple & Easy

    • Medi・Ca enables you to start a food bacteriological test without preparing and quality controlling agar media, and releases laboratories from time consuming pour plates and spread plates.
  • Easy Interpretation – Brightly Colored Colonies

    • Medi・Ca produces brightly colored colonies distinguishable from food particles, making colony counting easier, reducing variation in counting results. MediCa AC has the additional benefit of reducing the spreading of colonies of Bacillus spp. than the standard plate count method.
  • Saving Space for Incubation & Reducing Amount of Waste

    • Medi・Ca sheet is compact, saving incubation space and reducing the total amount of waste that petri dish produce.
  • The Medi・Ca method has been granted AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Methods.

    • (AC:041302) (CC:021401) (EC:031601) (SA:111703)

How to use


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