Microparticle Solutions, Spherotech , USA

Spherotech was established in 1992 to manufacture and supply uniform microparticles for biomedical and diagnostic applications. Our headquarters are 25 miles north of Chicago in Lake Forest, IL.

As a global supplier of microparticle solutions, our experienced scientists manufacture high quality latex, fluorescent, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and colored dyed microparticles. Our microsphere portfolio offers you:

  • Particle size dispersion specific to your requirements.
  • Functionalized surface chemistry
  • Coated microbeads with antibodies, proteins, or ligands
  • Cross-linked particles for greater organic solvent stability
  • Flow cytometry grade microbeads for alignment, calibration, compensation, counting and sorting

Microparticles manufactured by Spherotech are utilized for:

  • Fluorescence immunoassay
  • Enzyme immunoassay (EIA)
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Confocal fluorescence microscopy
  • Flow cytometry/ image cytometry
  • Magnetic cell separation
  • Magnetic particles EIA
  • Microfluidics
  • Other research and industrial applications.

Polymer Microparticles



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Flow Cytometry
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 Size Standard Particle Kits
 IR Fluorescent Channels
 Threshold Determination
Multiplex Bead Assays
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Imaging Products
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