TwistAmp® Basic, TwistDx, UK


DNA amplification made possible with a TwistAmp® Basic kit. Contains all the enzymes and reagents necessary for the amplification of DNA, the user needs only supply primers and template. Even PCR primers can work using TwistAmp® Basic.  TwistAmp® Basic has been used for solid-phase, tailed primers, aptamers, electrochemistry and microarray applications. See manual for more information. Click to order oligonucleotides.

Perfect for: End-point gel electrophoresis DNA detection, down-stream applications (e.g. sub-cloning)

Product code: TABAS03KIT

Product manual: TwistAmp  Basic Kit Quick Guide (INTABAS)


  • rapid DNA amplification
  • single molecule detection
  • ultra sensitive
  • multiplexable
  • 96 reactions