Bead Dispensers, LabTIE International , Netherlands

Bead Dispensers

Simple. Fast. Reliable.

Don’t settle for slow, repetitive and inefficient methods of filling beads in 96-Well plates. Use the 96-Well Bead Dispenser from LabTIE to improve your consistency in dispensing while speeding up your process over 37 times.



  • Filling a plate in only 8 seconds
  • Sterile dispensing
  • Accurate dispensing, <1% error rate
  • Easy cleaning
  • Exchangeable bead plates, “Different amounts of beads or bead sizes? Just slide in a different bead plate”
  • Custom made bead plates available


CompatibilityDispense in microtiter, deepwell, tube strips or 96-single tubes in holder
Bead size0.3 mm – 6.0 mm
Bead quantity1 or multiple beads per well
Sterilization70% EtOH (Not Autoclavable)
Product material typesABS+PC, Nylon, RVS304, Alumide and 70/75 hard anodized aluminum alloy
ExtensionMain Unit can also be adapted and used to dispense powders and seeds