PicoGene Mobile Real-Time PCR device, NSG, JAPAN

PicoGene Mobile Real-Time PCR device

Cat : PCR1100E


Compact, Quick, Lightweight
DNA and RNA measuring anywhere
Previously only ever possible in laboratories, Our PCR1100 brings
mobility to genetic measuring anywhere at any time on the go.

Development concepts

Conventional genetic testing equipment was only used in specialized facilities as it was large-sized, expensive, and testing took a long time.
Meanwhile, there are demands for genetic testing that can be used on-site and can provide measurement results quickly.

“In order to satisfy the market needs, we developed this compact device that provides shorter testing times while maintaining a high level of accuracy by combining the following technologies held by the Information & Telecommunication Device Division of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.
(1) “Unique small-sized fluorescence detection technology for measuring gene amount at a high sensitivity”
(2) “Technology to increase genes on a small plastic board at a high speed”

This enables you to carry out high-sensitivity genetic testing anywhere.
As the device can quickly identify various types of genes on-site, it is expected to be used in a wide range of fields including food sanitary in factories, environmental pollution investigations, and bioprospecting.
NSG Group will continue to contribute to the advancement of genetic testing in the world with its motto “faster measurement on-site”.






DimensionH200 x W100 x D50mmExcluding protrusions
WeightApprox. 560 gーー
PowerAC 100 to 240V 50/60 Hz (incl. AC adaptor)/ DC5V3A (incl. USB power cable)ーー
Operating temperature range10 to 40°degrees Celsiusーー
Maximum operating altitude2000 mーー
Number of samples1ーー
Measurement chip (MCP1100)76 x 26 x 3 mmーー
Volume of reaction15 to 20 μl16 μl recommended
Excitation/fluorescent wavelength 1Representative wavelength 470/530 nmUsable fluorescent dye: FAM
Excitation/fluorescent wavelength 2Representative wavelength 530/630 nmUsable fluorescent dye: ROX
Excitation/fluorescent wavelength 3Representative wavelength 630/670 nmUsable fluorescent dye: Cy5
Detection ChannelsMaximum 3 itemsーー
Detection formatHydrolysis probe methodIntercalator method is not supported.
Hot start40 to 99 degrees CelsiusWithin 30 sec. for hot start
Denaturation range40 to 99 degrees Celsius / 1 to 5 sec.ーー
Annealing/extension range40 to 75 degrees Celsius / 3 to 120 sec.ーー
Reverse transcription range40 to 75 degrees Celsius / 0 to 3600 sec.ーー
Maximum number of cycles50 cyclesーー
InterfaceBluetooth® (Ver.3 and later)Can connect to PC
Results saving function250 filesーー
Reaction conditions saving function15 filesーー
Supported OSWindows® 7 (32bit/64bit)/Windows® 8.1 (32bit/64bit)/Windows® 10 (32bit/64bit)ーー
Accessories includedCD-ROM (PC software, etc.), Quick Start Manual, AC adapter, USB power cableーー

Note 1: Amplification is for two temperature ranges: denaturation range and annealing/extension range. Three temperature ranges cannot be set.
Note 2: Some commercially-available PCR reagents (Master Mix) may not be used.For details, please see “Preparation of PCR reagent (Master Mix)”.