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Pathogen DNA Enrichment and Isolation

MolYsis™ kits are ideal for the supply of enriched microbial DNA for the direct analysis of pathogens in human and animal samples. The kits are evaluated for all sorts of body fluids like blood, CSF, synovial aspirates, BAL and other specimens.

prod teaser molysisCharacters and benefits:

  • Depletion of host (human/animal) DNA from body fluids
  • Enrichment of bacterial and fungal DNA
  • Removal of PCR inhibitors
  • Broad-range lysis of Gram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria and fungi
  • Buffers and reagents are contamination-free
  • 0.2 to 1 ml or 5 ml sample volumes

MolYsis™ is a unique system of targeted isolation of microbial DNA from complex clinical samples such as blood, aspirates and other body fluids. The selective lysis of host cells and the degradation of the released host DNA avoid unspecific primer binding and thereby greatly enhance the sensitivity and specificity of PCR or Real-Time PCR analysis of pathogens. For detailed information see Technology. The kit series allows sample processing in the range of 0.2 to 1 ml or 5 ml.

Molzym offers a pre-treatment MolYsis™ Basic kit for host DNA depletion that can be combined with any microbial DNA isolation kit established in the laboratory, including manual and automated systems.

The MolYsis™ Complete kit series provides protocols for the whole process, ranging from pre-treatment for host DNA depletion to microbial DNA isolation.

The MolYsis™ technology is also applicable for tissue and swab samples. With the Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kit ≤1 ml liquid and tissue specimens can be used. Highest flexibility is given with the Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep10 kit for volumes from 1-10 ml and tissues.

All kit ingredients, including buffers, reagents and consumables, are quality-checked for the absence of microbial DNA contaminations. This secures precise molecular analysis.

The MolYsis™ kits are ideally combinable with Molzym’s DNA-free PCR/Real-Time PCR reagents and detection assays, MolTaq 16S/18S, Hot-Moltaq 16S/18S and Mastermix 16S/18S kits.

Automation: The process of microbial DNA enrichment and isolation is also available semi- and fully automated. Click here for more information.

Order information:

Sample Volume
Order No.Quotation Request 
Host DNA depletion
MolYsis™ Basic5
liquid biopsy
0.2-1 ml or 5 ml
D-301-050, D-301-100Request form
Host DNA depletion and microbial DNA isolation
MolYsis™ Complete5
liquid biopsy
0.2-1 ml or 5 ml
D-321-050, D-321-100
Host DNA depletion and microbial DNA isolation from liquid and tissue specimens
Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prepliquid biopsy and tissue≤1 ml and tissueG-020-025, G-020-050
Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep10liquid biopsy and tissue1-10 ml and tissueG-030-025, G-030-050

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Download open list of microorganisms found in clinical and other specimens by sequencing


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