Product specification

The SafeSeqTM DNA tube is supplied as coating DNA preservative agents at the bottom of each tube. The SafeSeqTM DNA tube is suitable for preservation of DNA (ranging from 0.065 to 40 µg) at room temperature up to 1 month (more than 88% of DNA recovery rate) . In addition, the SafeSeqTM DNA tube is compatible with DNA extracted from standard protocols of commercially available DNA extraction kits as well as the manual phenol-chloroform extraction. Moreover, the SafeSeqTM DNA tube can be applied for preservation of various forms (circular double stranded DNA, linear double stranded DNA and linear single stranded DNA) and several sources (Human, Bacteria and Fungus) of DNA . The DNA recovered from the SafeSeqTM DNA tube is highly intact without degradation. In summary, the SafeSeqTM DNA tube is the best solution for shipping and delivery of DNA at room temperature.

Storage and transportation

The SafeSeqTM tube should be stored and transported at room temperature. The shelf-life of SafeSeqTM DNA tube is at least 3 months.

Performance of the SafeSeqTM DNA tube

Simplified workflow
1. Apply DNA into the SafeSeqTM DNA tube
2. Dry DNA in the SafeSeqTM DNA tube
3. DNA recovery from the SafeSeqTM DNA tube
4. DNA is ready to use in downstream molecular application

SafeSeqTM DNA tube protocols
Apply DNA into the SafeSeqTM DNA tube
1. Add 65 ng – 40 µg of DNA in a final volume of 10-100 µl into the bottom of the SafeSeqTM DNA tube
2. Mix by pipetting to ensure that the DNA is well mixed with the DNA preservative agents
3. Proceed to DNA drying protocol
Dry DNA in SafeSeqTM DNA tube
4. Dry DNA in SafeSeqTM DNA tubes with caps off, according to either of the methods described below
• Vacuum: approximately 1 hour/10 µl of DNA solution
• SpeedVac®: 2 – 4 hours
• Under Biosafety cabinet: 14 hours
5. When DNA is completely dried, cap the tubes and transport SafeSeqTM DNA tubes at room temperature.
DNA recovery from SafeSeqTM DNA tube
6. Add nuclease-free water (equivalent to the input volume)
7. Mix by pipetting up and down 10 times to solubilize the DNA at room temperature (Do not attempt to recover DNA on ice)
8. Cap the tube, gently mix by flicking the tube 10 times and briefly centrifuge.
9. DNA is ready to use in downstream molecular applications

SafeSeqTM DNA tube
DNA Transportation Tube, for Next-Generation
Sequencing (NGS)

– Ready & Easy -to-use
– Best for transportation from lab-to-lab or import/export
– Safe DNA quality at Room Temperature up to 30 days

Summary of product specification
Product specification Description
DNA amount 0.065 – 40 µg
DNA input volume 1-200 µl
Recovery volume 20-200 µl
Stability for transport Room temperature
Shelf life At least 3 months (prior to use)
DNA preservation time Up to 1 month
Recovery rate 88-100% depending on forms and concentration of DNA

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