SWIFTX™ HI-SENSE, Xpedite Diagnostics GmbH, Germany


Discover how smart SwiftX™ Hi-Sense can extract nucleic acids from large volumes of liquids


SwiftX™ Hi-Sense is designed for sensitive and rapid extraction of DNA from bacteria and viruses as well as genomic DNA from liquid human or animal samples that contain low numbers of cells and virus particles such as saliva, urine and swabs in transport media (e.g. oral, nasal, and environmental swabs).

SwiftX™ Hi-Sense has been validated for higly sensitive detection of African Swine Fever (ASF) Virus.


Cell and virus capture

Our proprietary centrifugation-free cell capture technology is unique among nucleic acid extraction solutions available on the market. It can be utilized to concentrate human & animal cells, parasites, and bacteria in liquid samples in just 4 minutes. Our capturing technology enriches intact cells and virus particles but not free DNA & RNA. This is the reason why SwiftX Hi-Sense provides an excellent discrimination between naked DNA/RNA and DNA/RNA originating from intact cells and viruses.

Reverse Purification

One of the two differentiators to most rapid DNA extraction methods is our Reverse Purification technology, which actively removes inhibitors and cell debris from the cell lysate containing the DNA. This is why our extraction protocols works well with much more sample types than direct extraction methods of competitors. Our Reverse Purification is performed using proprietary magnetic particles and does not need bulky or expensive equipment such as a centrifuge or addition of Chelex resin – a simple magnetic stand is sufficient.


  • Human and animal cells
  • Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • Parasitic protozoa and helminths
  • Viruses


  • Oral fluid
  • Urine
  • Nasal / oral swabs in transport media
  • Cell cultures
  • Saliva, throat washes
  • Environmental samples in transport media

standard sample volume: 1mL


Workflow for cell capture, extraction and reverse purification:

  • mix sample with Buffer EN and Beads B
  • incubate for 3 minutes at ambient temperature
  • place tubes in a magnetic rack
  • discard supernatant
  • wash Beads B once with Buffer EN (could be obmitted, depending on the specimen type)
  • resuspend Beads B in Buffer DL
  • incubate for 5 to 15 minutes at 95°C
  • remove tubes from heat block and place in a magnetic rack
  • use supernatant for downstream application

Validated for the following sample types:

  • Swine oral fluid
  • Oral and nasal swabs in transport medium
  • Environmental swabs in water or saline
  • Urine
  • Saliva

Youtube : SwiftX rapid extraction technology (Dr Andy Wende – Webinar 2022 Episode 04)


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