SwiftX™ DNA, Xpedite Diagnostics GmbH, Germany

SwiftX™ DNA (cat.no. SXD-25)

Versatile and rapid extraction of DNA of viruses, bacteria, parasites, animals and humans from a wide range of samples.

  • Direct extraction protocol for swabs and solid samples
  • Reverse purification for efficient inhibitor removal
  • bead-based concentration step for human & animal cells, parasites and bacteria in liquid samples

Applicable to:

  • swabs, pre-concentrated cells, dried blood spots, tissue samples, fine-needle aspirates, tissue fluid, CSF, hair follicles, etc.
  • Up to 1mL urine, cell cultures, saliva, throat washes, etc.
  • Up to 200µL whole blood, tissue suspensions, etc.

SwiftX DNA was developed to match the workflow and performance of the discontinued QIAGEN SpeedXtract® Nucleic Acid Kit.