Plasmid MiniPrep Kits, Norgen Biotek, Canada

Rapid and convenient plasmid and BAC DNA preparations

  • Purify all sizes of plasmid and BAC DNA with the highest integrity and the highest quantity
  • Available in spin column format, 96 well plates, and magnetic beads
  • Process versatile culture input volumes
  • Compatible with any culture type
  • The purified plasmid DNA is ready for restriction digestion, bacterial transformation, sequencing and more

Norgen’s plasmid and BAC DNA purification kits allow for the rapid preparation of plasmid DNA and BACs (bacterial artificial chromosomes) as well as other large DNA constructs. The plasmid and/or BAC DNA are preferentially purified from other cellular components such as genomic DNA and RNA. Norgen’s kits can purify plasmids up to 13,000 bp in size and BAC constructs of up to 130 kb in size. The purified DNA is fully digestible with all restriction enzymes tested, and is fully compatible with bacterial transformation and sequencing to achieve 95-100% accuracy.

Kits for Research Use