HMW DNA Extraction, RevoluGen, UK

With Fire Monkey and Fire Flower, the long-read DNA sequencing revolution starts with RevoluGen RevoluGen’s Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification (NAIP) Fire Monkey kit is the only technology

Microparticle Solutions, Spherotech , USA

Spherotech was established in 1992 to manufacture and supply uniform microparticles for biomedical and diagnostic applications. Our headquarters are 25 miles north of Chicago in

T8-ISO INSTRUMENT, Axxin, Australia

T8 ISOTHERMAL DIAGNOSTICS INSTRUMENT The Axxin T8 Isothermal instrument is a highly flexible bench-top and field-deployable platform designed to provide quantitative and qualitative results for


Product specification The SafeSeqTM DNA tube is supplied as coating DNA preservative agents at the bottom of each tube. The SafeSeqTM DNA tube is suitable

RNase A, Sangon Biotech, China

Product Description: RNase A: Product Description A major application for Ribonuclease A (RNase A) is the removal of RNA from preparations of plasmid DNA. In

Spin Columns , Abdtest, China

Introduction Silica membrane based spin column. Compatible with Qiagen’s and Invitrogen’s buffer. Buffer recipe provided for plasmid Miniprep, Gel extraction and PCR clean up. High

PCR Plate and ELISA Plate , Abdtest, China

Haimen Aibende Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of laboratory supplies for life science, molecular biology and clinical testing, and the scientific research.

MolYsis, Molzym, Germany

Pathogen DNA Enrichment and Isolation MolYsis™ kits are ideal for the supply of enriched microbial DNA for the direct analysis of pathogens in human and animal

Antibodies, ABclonal, China

Catalog Antibodies Our catalog antibodies can be used in popular research areas including epigenetics, DNA damage/repair, cancer, and immunology. Whichever research area you are interested

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