Filter tips, Abdtest, China

Haimen Aibende Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of laboratory supplies for life science, molecular biology and clinical testing, and the scientific research.

Saliva Sample Devices, Norgen Biotek, Canada

Saliva Sample Collection and Preservation Devices Simple, Reliable, Cost-effective More than 2 years of saliva DNA preservation at room temperature Saliva RNA Collection and Preservation

HL-SAN, ArcticZymes Technologies ASA, Norway

HL-SAN Removal of nucleic acids may improve workflows during protein purification, both for laboratory sample preparation and industrial bioprocessing. HL-SAN is a nonspecific endonuclease with

Chiller Blocks, Permagen, USA

Chiller Blocks And Combination Racks Temperature control devices for 0.2 mL PCR strips, and 1.5 mL Microcentrifuge tubes. Also available in combination chiller/ magnetic separator.

Separation Racks, Permagen, USA

Separation Racks For Multiple Tube Types Magnetic separation stands for 0.2 mL PCR strips, 1.5 mL Microcentrifuge tubes, and 15 mL / 50 mL Centrifuge

Magnet Plates, Permagen, USA

Magnet Plates For Any Application Permagen offers an extensive line of magnet plates for 96-Well, 384-Well, and 24-Well Microplates all with standard SBS footprint to

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